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Learn the hassle-free way to invest in UK property, even from Hong Kong...


Since 2004 we've been building property portfolios for UK and ex-pat investors based in Hong Kong.

And despite the economic realities of past two years in which international investors were all but shut out of the UK due to mortgage restrictions we have continued to help many investors begin and build on their existing property portfolios.

The positive news is that the UK property market has been bouncing along the bottom of the market since March 2009 and is looking to recovery along with other world markets throughout 2010.

This is your opportunity...

It's nothing new that ex-pat investors in Hong Kong see a great opportunity in the UK property market as a means of divesting away from home. It's stable government, strong currency, growing population due to proximity to Europe, lack of housing is an attractive opportunity for savvy investors around the world.

But the challenge is that you're NOT in the UK! -- You're not immediately available to deal with issues, solve problems and stay on top of things.

That's where we come in.

Taking all the hassle away, freeing you for the more important things...

When you choose to build your UK property portfolio with us, your investment will be hassle-free. I can make this promise because we give you a one-shop to build your portfolio

We do it all: from the sourcing of off plan and new-build residential buy-to-let property throughout the UK to the management of the entire process on your behalf... right through to making sure your property is let out within 6 weeks. We even take care of the ongoing management of all your investments! You benefit because we are all under the same roof — this means one point of contact regardless of how many properties you have.


Exchange &

Letting the

Management &

More importantly... the team will be on hand to answer questions about the market. In fact -- any topic you could possibly think of that affects your investment. The process is all about taking the day-to-day worries away and making sure you know exactly what going on.

It doesn't stop there either.

We're so confident we can offer you the ultimate, hassle-free investment experience, that we're prepared to offer you specific guarantees to take away your risk.

Our unique Property Guarantees take away your risk...

Since 2006, we have been the only property company in the UK to offer guarantees such as these.


Simple: if we don't perform like we promise, then we don't deserve get paid. We think that's reasonable, and we hope it will give you, in Hong Kong, confidence to move forward with us in spite of the fact you're so far away.

1. Mortgage Guarantee If we cannot get you a mortgage Decision in Principle you'll get your money back.
2. Rent Received Guarantee If the rent you receive is not within £50 per month for properties of what our research says, we'll pay you the difference for 2 years.
3. 6 Weeks to Let Your Property Guarantee If we don't let your property out within 6 weeks of completion, we'll pay the rent until we do.
4. 24-Hour Property Sleep Test Once you have decided to go ahead we'll give you a full 24 hours to sleep on your decision. If you don't have a restful night's sleep, tell us and you'll have lost nothing.

These property guarantees have been unique to Your Property Club since 2006!

These guarantees have proven an absolute hit with our investors and are offered on every one of our properties. Naturally, there are some conditions, but I hope you see the spirit in which they are given.

"Since using YPC your competition seems too inferior for me to even bother talking to. I love the guarantees you put into buying, the passion your staff have, and the reliability of your research. I will continue to use YPC to buy as much property as your staff can find ways of me buying! I have spoken to and researched a lot of property investment companies and none of which even come close to the standards that you set."
Ben from London

That brings me to the next important point. The property... After all in order to offer these types of guarantees we must source the highest level of quality property in the most in-demand areas.

Finding the right properties

Picking the best properties is all about Good Solid Fundamentals.

Things like shops, schools, transport links, major investment and major employers. All the things that will ensure the demand for your property is at the highest throughout your ownership. This is because ideally, you want one quality tenant moving out and another moving back in as soon as possible.

Every single property is thoroughly researched using our unique 89-Point Due Diligence checklist, which covers every possible area of the property.

We start off with the overall area, then work our way down to the development and then move onto the specific plots available. We'll provide actual market comparables on both value and rents, we'll give you the names and contact details of all the people we call in our research. After all, transparency is key to any great relationship. An experienced team, ready to serve you

The team is here for you...

We're not a one man band. We're a team of passionate professionals who will manage the day-to-day running of your portfolio and we make ourselves available according to YOUR timetable, not ours. You'll be able to reach someone 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. (We take Sundays off, unless it's an emergency!)

The team consists of:

  • your Property Consultant who will be your day-to-day contact and they will run through all your options for property and generally answer all your questions
  • your Portfolio Manager who is responsible for the strategic direction of your portfolio. They are trained professionals who have portfolios of their own and years of experience in property
  • your personal Financial Advisor through our sister company, YPC Wealth who are able to advise you on all manner of regulated financial products.
  • a dedicated Aftercare Team to be your eyes, ears, and hands on the ground dealing with any issues that arise in the normal process of running your portfolio.

The above team will also be backed up with a range of third party suppliers, all thoroughly vetted. In fact most of them we've been working with for many years. So you'll benefit from this relationship.

We would love to work with you...

We are currently expanding our client base in Hong Kong so I've decided to give away 12 months subscription to Insiders' Tips and Tricks Newsletter valued at £199 per annum. This is a weekly educational newsletter that addresses all aspects of investing in the UK and in fact anywhere.

I'll also give you lifetime access to my Weekly Property News Update — the 12 month subscription is valued at £199 per annum. So that's around £400 of value absolutely free. All that I ask is that you have a chat with one of our team about your interests and needs.

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The typical YPC experience...


1. Choose from either London or UK wide property

Traditionally, ex-pat UK investors have focussed on London property. More recently their interest has increased in the many other regional areas that the UK has to offer. We give you the choice of investing in any number of towns and cities around the UK. In addition to this you'll have the choice of either buying property that is ready to complete immediately or Off Plan property, which may not complete for up to 3 years. Working with your Portfolio Manager and Financial Advisor it will become clear what's right for you.


2. Getting it exchanged and completed

We manage you through the entire process of buying. It's not enough for us to just find and deliver you a property. Our service is designed to do everything for you, and that means everything! From helping you get a mortgage, to helping you through the minefield of working with solicitors. This is really where the team comes to the fore, we'll support you through whatever questions may arise as well as pointing you in the right direction for the next step.

It's such an important part of what we do by involving you in the process you're going to get a great understanding so the second and subsequent purchases are a breeze.


3. Before you even complete, our aftercare team revs up

We'll be working hard on your property even before it completes, we need to stay on top of the many things that may need to be looked after such as carpets or flooring, curtains, furniture, insurances, any legal requirements such as Gas Safety and Electrical Safety Certificates and the numerous other things. The Aftercare Team will seek quotes from suppliers and arrange everything so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the process.

4. Getting your property let out

You'll have one point of contact regardless of where and how many properties you have... The Lettings and Management process. It's probably taken us 2-3 months to get to this point so we don't stop now. The ongoing management of your property is paramount. After all one of the foundations of a good investment property is that you have someone to let the property, paying your rent on a consistent basis.


At YPC Lettings we'll do everything for you including dealing with letting agents in the property's local area to find you a tenant so you won't have to worry about dealing with multiple agents across the country as your portfolio builds.

Our "Get It Let" philosophy says that every property will be let out within 6 weeks of completion, I explained this guarantee previously, but we believe that we can achieve this every time your property comes up for let. The great thing is that tenants must give 4 weeks notice so you are left with just a 2-week window to cover (void period, as we call it).

You'll also realise that because of the type of property we have bought which will change with each area you will have huge demand from tenants and will therefore find good tenants who will look after the place and that are easily replaced when they leave. We call this buying our 'Every Person House'. That's a house where the average Mum and Dad live in a particular area. We don't buy where rich people live and we don't buy where poor people live. We buy where the "Every Person" lives.

5. Should you buy in a trust or other entity?

As we've had so much experience in dealing with offshore investors we also work closely with a number of companies that are able to structure your properties ownership through a trust or other entity. This is a complex and often expensive minefield but rewarding if done properly. Your Portfolio Manager can explain the possibilities.

As a YPC client, you'll benefit from...


Educational Blogs, Videos, Audio and Reports...

The sheer mass of information that is available is testament to our commitment to education. All available to you free, you have:

YPC was formed in 2004 initially as an educational newsletter called "Insiders' Tips and Tricks" and it very quickly grew into a group of companies committed to building investors portfolios. Since 2004, we have sold over £150 million worth of property.

The group consists of a dedicated property sourcing company — YPC Property, a financial advisory company, YPC Wealth, a Lettings and Management company — YPC Lettings, a fund manager — YPC Fund Management, and the portfolio building arm and flagship company —

You'll find that the team lives, breaths, and sleeps property. We are known for our personable approach to building your portfolio. I guess you could say that being an Aussie I have a casual and personable approach to business but don't let that deceive you, we are serious about building your portfolio but we also believe it should be enjoyable so I encourage the team, and our clients to have fun with it. You'll see what we mean if you take a look on the gallery on our main site which I'll redirect you too once you have signed up.

"As a young professional I would never have had the time or mobility to embark upon property investment without the support and management skills of the people at Your Property Club. Any minor concerns are dealt with speedily and efficiently and I cannot recommend their services too highly. Their friendly and caring attitude has made dealing with this company a pleasure.

With the professional yet personal service approach of Your Property Club I have managed to achieve my aspirations and desires of becoming a multi home owner. In less than 6 months since I contacted them I have completed on my first buy-to let purchase. Thankfully, they held my hand throughout the entire process from liaising with the developer and giving me regular updates on the progress, to organising Solicitors, Surveyors and Letting Agents.

They made the process as simple as they could for me and, as it has turned out, as profitable as well. After successfully completing on that apartment, I then let it out within days. I don't intend to invest my money in anything that isn't sourced by Your Property Club in the future as I am confident that everything they recommend will be a sound investment."
Dean from London

Your Next Step...

Hopefully by now you have a great idea of the service we offer and are ready to move to the next step, and that's to have a chat with one of the team.

Don't worry though! The team are not about selling you property on the first call! That's not how a lasting relationship is built. We want to get to know you better first and vice-versa.

Schedule your call now!

First name:
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So here's what I am proposing: simply put aside 30 minutes to have a chat with one of the team... At the end of the call you'll either say:

"Thanks Brett, but I don't think we are interested"

in which case we'll part as friends. Or you'll say:

"Great Brett! I'm very interested and would like to take it further!"

At this stage that team member will book a phone call for you with the Portfolio Manager that I will assign to you. They'll spend as much time as you need answering your questions, addressing any concerns that you may have, and talk in much greater detail about the strategic direction you should be following and what's possible. This is where you'll get real value and will come away with a definite plan and next step.

In return for that first call, I would like to offer you the following, no matter the outcome:

  • 12 Month subscription to my 'Insiders Tips and Tricks" newsletter (value £199)
  • 12 month subscription to my Weekly Property News Update (value £199)

You'll also receive as a BONUS the following educational materials.

  • BONUS 1 — Emotional Intelligence Booklet — valued at £12.95
  • BONUS 2 — You'll receive the first 5 Chapters of No.1 Bestselling book — The 3+1 Plan — How to achieve financial freedom with just 4 properties. This will give you a real sense of what we are about and the strategy that I am suggesting you consider in building your UK property portfolio.
  • BONUS 3 — Free lifetime access to Ezytrac Portfolio Management Software — Valued at £149. No matter how many properties you own having a central place where you can record all the details of each and every property is a great help. Should you choose to build a UK portfolio then this tool is invaluable.

So simply enter your contact details above and I'll have one of my team contact you.

I hope that by now you can see that we here at YPC are serious about offering you the best and safest solution for building your UK Property Portfolio, backed up by performance guarantees!

We're looking forward to receiving your details soon and building a great relationship with you!

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood
Chairman, YPC-Group Ltd